Millennial Netolice and Kratochvile

Netolice one of the oldest towns in the country, the first written record is already in 981

Welcome to the millennial Netolice, in one of the oldest cities in the country. The first written mention of the castle comes from Netolický Kosmas Chronicle already in 981. Přemyslovský Castilian castle and market settlement at that time were important princely and royal administrative, military and business center of a large part of South Bohemia. Also lay at the crossroads of several trade routes, the most famous being Linz route. Netolice were traditionally known for its horse breeding, a great horse and cattle markets, fish farming and bread. There was established the first baker's guild in Bohemia already in 1338. In Netolice was born founder of the pond, the Rosenbergs' Fišmistr " Stepanek Netolický(about 1460-1538). During the Thirty Years War in 1619 the town was burned the imperial army and slaughtered most of the population. Exceptionally well-preserved medieval urban center with a number of important historical monuments is declared urban area. Attractions of the city are also  three Leaning Tower (at City Hall, near the Church of the Virgin Mary near the church and the castle Kratochvíle) and two waterfalls near the pond Monk.

What you can know and experience?  

   • lock pastime . Building, which has in Bohemia in the late 16th century precedent! A national cultural monument and the pearl of Italian Renaissance architecture in Bohemia. Ostentatious hunting folly with park and garden, she has left in 1589 to build a regent Wilhelm von Rosenberg. Often he stayed there his brother, known Petr Vok of Rosenberg with the whole court. Surrounds him so.  Netolická game park , which was the largest fenced game preserve for deer in the Czech Republic (3.000 ha, about 30 ponds). Although she no longer serves its original purpose today, however, still form a unique unit, which is an example of the original Renaissance landscape. Next to the castle is the only racecourse in southern Bohemia, where every year at the end of June held the famous Netolická Racing. He hosts a number of theatrical and cultural events.

  Admission - Grant tour

  Interpretation in English   - adults CZK 130, children 6-15 years, students 15 to 26 years CZK 70, seniors over 65 years 90CZK.

  Foreign language - adults CZK 220, children 6-15 years, students 15 to 26 years CZK 120 seniors from 65 years 170 CZK.

   • Archaeological Netolice . On mystical place Premyslide acropolis of the former castellan castle, develops gradually archaeological park, focusing on the period of the Czech state in early medieval times in 10th-13th century. Archeopark is the starting point for a tourist route called.  Linzer trails , historical merchant routes. Guard tower serves as a lookout. Free entry.

   • The Museum of JUDr. Otakar Kudrna with the Information Center at the Rosenberg Renaissance building with an unusual amount of valuable ethnographic and art collections The museum exposition informs about the history of the city, region and contains many valuable collections, among others, is also  one of the largest collections of postcards in Bohemia , which contains about 200,000 units.

Admission - Adults 40 CZK, children 10 CZK, family 100 CZK, students and seniors 20 CZK.

   • After these sights and many others you through the trail "Netolicka historical landscape" , a small circle, which is about 3 km long. The sights of the region of the same name in turn leads educational cycling trail called. Large circle, about 50 km long.

   • Lovers of sport fishing can catch some fish right in, the  pond Monk . In another ancient pond Podroužek is homonymous campsite and at the end of October you can experience the true South harvesting.

   • Every year in late May was held here Staročeský craft fair at Linz route , complete with ride a historic steam train.

   • Motorcycle track Ingilinka where take place several times a year plants.

There's also a sports complex, skate park and a range of accommodation and catering facilities.