Hidden stories of Třeboňsko

New Route in the Hidden Story Mobile Application Now in the Třeboň Region!

Have you heard that you can play the Hidden Story game in Třeboň with children?

Join the game, go to 1573. Jakub Krčín has just decided to build the largest pond ever seen by the world and to make that idea needs your support. What if the dam of the pond breaks and the water floods the whole city!

And how about it?

Hidden stories are mobile applications with a geolocation game for families with children from 6 years of age. Download it for free on your mobile and take one of the many excursions this app offers across the Czech Republic.

Trip to Trebon is called "Krčín and Nevěděk". You will experience amazing family fun that will completely change your view of what a good family trip should look like. Cruise routes lead to many important and neglected locations. With the game, you will be brought to the past, and along with your children, you will be listening to the voice of a specific historical character associated with a given place that will tell you at every stop a piece of your story. The company will make you a little to-do, a visitor from the future, who will give you and your children questions and questions. You will return in time to the crucial moments of our history and by completing the tasks you will help the hero of the story solve the problem.

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