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Adrenaline in Zadov

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Explore one of the biggest and most visited sports centers in Šumava at the edge of the Šumava Plains, offering visitors year-round operation with winter and summer activities. Take the chairlift to an elevation of 1105.1 meters above sea level, where you can climb 158 stairs to the top of a unique lookout tower inside a former ski jumping tower. To help get the adrenaline flowing even more, why not try the climbing park, where you will experience adventure moments with your family or friends.


The four-seater Zadov - Kobyla chairlift is the perfect transport to the lookout tower, taking you from 952.3 meters above sea level to the upper station at 1105.1 meters. A large free parking area and playground are located below the chairlift, and refreshments are also available.

Zadov lookout tower

The lookout tower built in 2015 is an absolutely unique structure located inside a former ski jumping tower taken out of use in the mid-1990s. The lookout tower commands views of the Šumava Mountains and foothills from the west to the southeast of Zadov, and offers a climbing wall on its southwest side. The lookout platform is at 1109 meters above sea level and can be reached by climbing 158 stairs.

Climbing park

A course of both low and high rope obstacles installed up to 12 meters high. The obstacles comprise an adventure course right amidst the treetops in the beautiful Šumava country. The climbing supervisors will make sure your climbing is trouble-free and help you make your first steps on the wobbly ropes. You will start just above the ground and gain confidence with each obstacle. Just climb that ladder and then only... climbing, crossing, gliding and lots of good fun.