Monuments and nature of Zbudovská Blata

Monuments and nature Zbudovská Blat - Cognitive cycling events for the whole family.

It is an event that aims to present, especially the young generation area Zbudovská Blat, a unique historic landscape with its interesting history, numerous monuments of folk architecture and folk Baroque, including wetlands and ponds.

Participants will receive a leaflet with a map and description of the route, which will be available not only in action but also for other people interested in cycling in the mud (promotional material will be available in the village). Download here . Invitation to the 2016 first year  here . 

The route interactive map here , lines, bike tours.

Route description:

Pištín - Dry - Břehov -Tupesy - Small Chrastany - Plástovice - Zbudov - Zliv - Pašice - Pištín. Circuit length of about 24 km. Difficulty: easy, designed especially for families with children, seniors. Predominant surface: asphalt, existing cycling route no. 1085,1083,1084,1081, road III. class. Description of the elevation profile of the route: a flat or moderately undulating terrain.

Stop on the route

  1. Pištín - Blatská community, the church. Lawrence (cultural heritage), originally Romanesque, Gothic and later rebuilt in Baroque style, surrounded by a fenced cemetery. The church tower, 36 meters high, is fitted from 1846 hours to each day manually stretch. The building tavern and no. 35  "On Dolánky" until 1863 mailbox and change-over station postal carriages. Maintain a comprehensive set of traditional folk settlements from the first half of the 19th century. The most valuable is probably house no. 1. storey granary, a typical example of rural baroque shield. Exteriors of the church and the square was the place filming Babovresky. GPS 49.0460539N, 14.3344014E
  2. Dvůr Suchá - agricultural area, farmyard originally built in the year. 1634 in place for the 30th year war fort burned. Near the road a monument commemorating the creation of the Republic in 1918 and 1924. The land reform GPS 49.0323092N, 14.3366672E
  3. Břehov - part of the village is a conservation area rustic baroque (from r. 1995). Landmark is the Romanesque chapel of municipal colors, purple-pink and white built r. 1861 chapel on the hand-ringing at noon. It preserved the original blacksmith shop. GPS 49.0216953N, 14.3292731E
  4. Tupesy - rustic baroque monument, originally a blacksmiths back in 1848th        GPS 49.0246903N, 14.2950397E
  5. Malé Chrášťany - uniquely preserved village conservation rustic baroque (since. 1995). Farm No. 4. Wellness Hotel God's eye, instead of filming Babovresky. GPS 49.0512697N, 14.2939714E
  6. Vlhlavy - many farms rustic baroque, split settlement pond dam Vlhlavského. Farm No. 5. Baltic shields type, with painted St. Vaclav and Vol. Florian. GPS 49.0512697N, 14.2939714E
  7. Vlhlavský pond - 105 ha, the tenth oldest pond in southern Bohemia. It was built in the years 1387-1388. GPS 49.0519094N, 14.2941322E
  8. Plástovice - village conservation area (from r. 1995), is one of nine historical Blata municipalities, while the most valuable and most famous in the mud. Symbolizes the South Bohemian folk Baroque is uniquely preserved p Laštovička forge in the southern part of the village. Plástovice the main venue of the famous novel "Fog on the moor." The farm no. 9 Information Center. 49.0682953N GPS, 14.3039422E
  9. Zbudov - Rural monument zone (since. 1990) with a number of conserved objects Baltic type forge and two mills. The village gave its name to the whole area Zbudovská Blat. Farm no. 1 in the corner of the square, with blatským shield belonged to the GPS 49.0927247N Kubat, 14.3110583E. 
  10. Monument of Jabuba Kubata - About 1 km southeast of the village stand at the Judgment stream Kubatův monument of r. 1904 on the other side of the stream is then located 2 blocks associated with the legend of his execution. One where it should be executed, and the second, 220 meters east, where, according to legend, were to roll his head. GPS monument 5.24243 N ° 49 'E 14 ° 19.65488', GPS locations of execution N 5.07210 ° 49 'E 14 ° 19.58278'
  11. Mokřiny u Vomáčků (about 1km from the main road) - a nature reserve at the end Zlivského pond, 61 ha. Demonstration of the original marshland. GPS 49.0739708N, 14.3502406E
  12. Zliv - city, originally Blatská village, protected by two arched stone bridge from the 18th century. a statue Nepomuk at Zlivského pond. The swimming pool and the campsite Mydlák.   GPS 49.0636700N, 14.3631475E
  13. Pond Bezdrev  - 365 ha., The third largest lake in the Czech Republic, founded from 1492 to 1494, two tents, Aguapark, swimming, sailing and windsurfing. GPS 49.0473353N, 14.3853078E
  14. Pašice - rustic baroque monuments, the plot of the novel by Karel Klostermann Fog on the moor. In the village pond great Volešek 134.4 ha., Feeds it only artificial ditches, swimming.