First Toulava Trail - the most beautiful Lužnice valley

Picturesque castles, memorable bridges and marvelous views.

Past Tábor, the Lužnice descends between steep rocky banks overgrown with dark forests. The water rustles and gurgles on the rocks, and there are stone herds in the current and romantic old mills on the banks. The trail along the river features a tunnel through the rock massif and a gallery clinging to the rock, all the way to the ruin of Příběnice Castle, which was the mightiest of the Rožmberk fortresses in its time. Up above you will spot the Dobronice Castle ruin, and eventually the picturesque town of Bechyně with its chateau and monastery on a high rock. The mysterious Lužnice valley will lead you to a lost world as if emerging from romantic legends and mystic stories.


By train or car to Tábor, park at the railway station or the Hotel Dvořák.

Trail length

15 km (shorter option), 30 km (longer option)

What to see and where to go

The whole trail is marked with red hiking signs.

  • Stop by Eleonora
    The trail starts at Tábor train station, but quickly leaves the city. Before you take the first taste of the beauty of the Lužnice valley, it shows you the interestingly designed Švehlův bridge and the Klokoty pilgrimage church. Down by the river, the first stop is at the Eleonora spring, a rich source of good drinking water, followed in a short sequence by the memorial of Counselor Jánský and Domeček’s shelter. Would you believe tourists too hid from bad weather here a century ago?
  • Count Harrach’s footbridge
    If you change your mind about your destination, you can turn to Harrach’s footbridge past Wolfdale. A trail to Klokoty church goes from there. But if you were enticed by the start of the trail, be sure there is more to come, and soon.
  • Through the rock
    Past several old bridges and half-broken weirs, which are a treat for canoeists under good water conditions, you will arrive at a unique rock tunnel. It is 30 meters long and was built in the First Republic exclusively for you - walkers.
  • On the rock
    A while later, the Adamites’ Isle will remind you of the difficult early days of nudism in Bohemia. You know well how Žižka once cracked down on the deserters. There is no need to watch out for nudists here, but careful when traversing the gallery, boldly suspended off Příběnice rock.
  • Deserved rest
    Past it, you will glimpse the guesthouse and chalet, built by Count Harrach himself. You can have so refreshments here, go and look at the Příběnice ruin or turn to Malšice to catch a train or bus. That would be the end of the journey. But a poor one. Very poor!
  • Get up on the bridge!
    Because you are not far from a unique technical heritage site and a “last of the Mohicans”, Stádlec chain bridge. Past the bridge, the Lužnice will show you the other bridge and take you around a church and a view of the paper mill, to Dobronice castle. This romantic ruin houses many surprises. But it is not the last surprise, for sure.
  • Beauties of Bechyně
    The trail will tease you a little more by adding a few steps to the finish. But it is for a reason. Bit by bit, it will reveal the fascinating view of the arch of the unique Bechyně Rainbow. It carried the first electrified railway line in all of Austria-Hungary. In fact, you can still cross it today. Alternatively, you can go discover the beauty of the spa town of Bechyně.
  • Once more!
    Do you feel this is too much to see in a single day? There’s nothing easier than extending the trip over two days. There are several places to spend the night along the way, so you can savor all the beauty of the trail.