Around the Chapel of Stožec on Rock of Stožec

Discover the beauty of the Šumava forests on the trail of the educational trail on rock of Stožec

The trail of the Rock of Stožec leads through the Šumava NP in the area between the village of Stožec and the same name (1,065 m), which runs over the village.

The trail will introduce you to a relatively small area that has a significant potential for cultural and natural values. The content of the information panels is focused on natural, ethnographic and cultural sites.

The commune of Stožec is the starting point for access to the trail. From there, the route leads along the road towards the village of Černý Kříž. At the crossroad with a blue tourist sign it turns left, crosses the Cold Vltava River and continues along the blue to the crossing under the Stožecká Rock. Here begins its own trail, which leads from the crossroads to the right by a steep climb to the Rock of Stožec. It has a total of 5 stops fitted with information panels. The first one is at the crossroads (there is also a shelter with benches and colostrum), another 4 are set on the route between the crossroads and the Rock of Stožec. A return trip to Cologne can take the same route, or visitors can go from the crossroads along the blue marker to the yellow junction. Turns on her and she takes them back about 3 km to the village. The trail is for pedestrians. The one-way route is almost one kilometer long (with access from the pole and with a return total distance of about 10 km).

Chapel of Stožec

The Pilgrimage Chapel of the Virgin Mary on the hill Stožec (1065 m) below the Stožecká Rock at the source of healing water is an example of folk carvings. The original wooden chapel was built in 1791 by the blacksmith J. Klauser, who owed the water from the local spring to heal his sight. The chapel was rebuilt in 1804 and in the 1960s a wooden annex with woodcuts was added. Regular August pilgrimage was attended by several thousand people. After World War II, the chapel was dilapidated. In the nearby Bavarian Phillipsreuth, her faithful copy was built in 1985. In 1988 the Stožecká Chapel was restored by J. Kocourka from Prachatic and since 1989 there are regular pilgrimages.