Poněšice Distillery

Poněšice Distillery

This family distillery is located in the picturesque Hluboká area

The Poněšice Distillery was established in 2002. Its construction in the out-buildings of a South Bohemian farmstead in the picturesque village of Poněšice (near Hluboká nad Vltavou) was its owner’s dream come true. As pension age approached, his prospect of having an excessive amount of free time was so frightening that it made him think about establishing a distillery. The truth is that the owner of the Poněšice Distillery cannot complain about having too little to do. Crowds of satisfied customers and the renowned quality of Poněšice liquors fill his days from Monday to Sunday.

The Poněšice Distillery exclusively produces pure fruit-based liquors. The spirit in the Poněšice liquors is derived from fermented fruit. Poněšice liquors, labelled with the 3P logo - Virgin Nature Hallmark, are premium-quality fruit distilled beverages without any added artificial spirits, colorants or flavorings. They are characterized by a fine, exquisite flavor and the distinctive fragrance of fruit coming mostly from the South Bohemian Region.

The Poněšice Distillery has all that it needs to produce high-quality liquors. The entire production process (from the arrival of fruit to the final product) is fully mechanized thanks to the owner’s great enthusiasm for technology and precision. On the other hand, the atmosphere of the distillery is enhanced by the indispensability of the human hand – each bottle that originates from the Poněšice Distillery is labelled, duty-stamped and then finally polished by hand.

Thus, modern technology is combined with professionalism, great enthusiasm and necessary thoroughness. All that guarantees the high product quality.

Only in a truly carefully made distilled beverage can you find nature as it is. That is the highest priority of our family distillery.

In addition to batch products, we offer our customers – individuals and companies – gift packs, original bottles made from blown glass, and bottle engraving.