Buquoy Tomb in Nové Hrady

Buquoy Tomb in Nové Hrady

The Buquoy Tomb is the dominant feature of the Nové Hrady cemetery.

The Buquoy Tomb is located in the Nové Hrady cemetery, where it is the dominant feature. The large gilded mosaic of the Virgin Mary designed by Max Švabinský fascinates visitors over the entrance to the chapel.

The tomb has two parts: the ground floor crypt and the upper-story chapel. The tympanum of the ground floor portal features a stone relief with the Buquoy coat of arms carried by a pair of gryphons and the family motto: “DIEU ET MON ROI” (My Divine Right). To this day, there are eight coffins in the tomb with the remains of the Buquoy family (3 couples) and their relatives from the Cappy family. Other members of the Buquoy family are buried in the original family tomb in the Nové Hrady church.

The tomb was commissioned by Count Karel Bonaventura Buquoy. It was built in 1890-1892 in a pseudo-Gothic style by Nové Hrady Buquoy master builder Karel Bůžek. The structure is reminiscent of the Schwarzenberg Tomb in Třeboň, from which it differs primarily by the absence of underground crypts.

The tomb is not regularly open to the public at the present time. If you are interested in visiting, please contact the Nové Hrady Cultural and Information Center.