For monuments like the true citizen of Budějovice

Explore the historic core of České Budějovice with us and you will not lose yourself ...

Are you planning for monuments in České Budějovice? Go with us and you will not be lost ...

Route: Přemysl Otakar II Square. - Cathedral of St. St. Nicholas / Black Tower - Piarist Square - Rabenstein Tower - Malše Blind Arm - Iron Maiden - Biskupská Street - Square of Přemysl Otakar II.

The jewel of České Budějovice is undoubtedly the historical center of the town with a number of valuable church and secular buildings, with Gothic, Renaissance, but especially baroque houses with a unique preserved arcade. Its center is Přemysl Otakar II.'s square, One of the most beautiful and one hectare of land, also one of the largest in the Czech Republic. At this point we will also begin our tour. Just look around and you will not know where to go. You will surely be attracted by the fountain that dominates the square. It is a Samson Fountain in the center of which is a prismatic plinth with gargoyles on which stands four Atlantean figures supporting a round bowl with a Samson sculpture on a lion. On the way to Samson's fountain you might trip a stone. But not any. It's a so-called Bludgeon, and marks the place where the executions of the conspirators accused of the assassination of the reigner have taken place. Be careful, however, that you do not cross it after ten o'clock in the evening, for, according to rumors, everyone will wander through the streets of the city until morning and find no way home. If you like art, take a look at the Art House - a gallery focusing on contemporary art and architecture. Housed in one of the historic buildings bordering the square. Your attention will surely not miss the famous city symbol - the Black Tower. Get to St. Nicholas Cathedral, climb 225 steep steps and enjoy a unique view of the city and the surrounding hills from above.

From the tower, continue through the Grape Street to Masné krámy, a building built in Renaissance style. Today, there is a renowned restaurant of the same name. On the corner of the Hroznova and Krajinska streets you can see other historic houses such as the 16th-century Zátkův dům.

The Grave Street is next to the Piarist Square where you can admire the architectural gems such as the Church of the Virgin Mary from 1265. From the outside, you can see a frog climbing the church wall. It is said that if one goes up to the roof, the end of the world will come. Do not you think it's too high? The church is connected by a newly renovated Gothic crossing with the Dominican monastery. Another important monument is the former town armory, which also served as a cereal and salad. The three stone faces that look at you from the shield belong to the thieves who were caught in the Theft of the Virgin Mary's Sacrifice, and then - just by the head - shortened. So the reputation is so true.

From the Piarist Square go to Česká street, but before you do not forget to look back over the stone skull and put your fingers in her eyes. He says he's lucky. Continue on Česká Street, at the end of which you turn left and you will find Rabenstein Tower, part of the former city fortifications. From the tower, take the Panská Street around the reconstructed Front and Rear Mill on the embankment of Malše's blind arm. Over the river you can see the Sokol Island, the Sokolovna, the swimming pool and other possibilities for relaxation and sport.

Continue along the blind shoulder, past a part of the preserved city walls, and after a short walk you will reach the fortification tower Zelezna Panna. She got her name on the basis of the reputation that there was a torture torture room that resembled a virgin's embrace. In the neighborhood of this tower there is an iron bridge, where you can see the confluence of Malše and the Vltava, and on the left side the park Háječek with the building of the observatory and the planetarium. Behind the bridge on Zátkovo nábřeží stands the building of the Palace of Justice and two important statues - St. Jan Nepomuk and the protector of the city, Our Lady of Buddha. From the bridge, continue on the Biskupská Street, where you will see the Bishop's Residence - the seat of the Bishop and the Diocese of Ceske Budejovice, and after a few meters you will get back to the famous square in České Budějovice.