From Rožmberk to Vyšší Brod

Comfortable short route with gastronomic experiences

We will start the trip in Rožmberk nad Vltavou, where we will first visit the castle and the historical part of the town. Then we sit down in Hotel U Martina's restaurant and order the best roast chicken thigh with honey and mushroom noodles. This is a certified regional product. After a good lunch we will visit the information center directly in the hotel and as a souvenir and a suitable gift for home we buy Rosenberg honey. It is also a certified regional product, honey and local honey bee products. Now the most challenging part of the route begins, and it is to be transported to Vyšší Brod. There are two possibilities - the valley along the Vltava River along the main road, or via Hrudkov, which is a road with bows and fields with minimal traffic and nice views. For cycling and hiking trips it is better to choose the route through Hrudkov, marked first in red, at the end of the green line.

We head to Vyšší Brod in the square. There are two possibilities waiting for us and we can choose whether to visit only one or both. On the one hand, it is Eva Café offering good coffee and desserts, or the Pajzl pub in Jakub, where we can taste the beer Jakub from Vyšebrodský mini-brewery. In both cases, there are other regional certified products. The final stage of our good food trip can go to the Vyšší Brod monastery and then take the train back to Rožmberk.

Points on route: